February 2012 Archives

Proview International Holdings Ltd. Has Sued Apple for Fraud over iPad Mark

Proview International Holdings Ltd. claims that Apple Inc. intentionally misled it into selling the iPad mark for £35,000. What Apple apparently did was form the company "IP Application Development Ltd.," claiming the mark was an acronym for its company name. Proview filed its complaint on February 17 in California Superior Court, Santa Clara County.

W.R. Samuels Law Interviewed re: Linsanity

With all the craziness surrounding Jeremy Lin and the New York Knicks, I never thought I'd have any reason to get involved. Well, in full disclosure, I didn't really get involved. But I did speak with AOL's Ross Urken, writing for Daily Finance, about trademark matters, some of the practical issues Jeremy Lin will face as a trademark owner, and whether someone else might have a claim to the mark LINSANITY.