INTA 2012: Another Day, Another Mark

Some thoughts from INTA...And pictures from the exhibition hall...

People often wonder about the real value of a trademark. But marks are unique, and their value is based on how they are "built." That is, the value of the mark is based on what the mark represents-what it embodies and what it encompasses. So, obviously, the Coca Cola trademark is incredibly valuable. But does that mean a mark currently without an actual product or service connected to it is without value? The answer is no.IMAG0481-300x168

So, what if you haven't launched the business or the product? What if you're not offering the service? How much is the mark worth then? You have an idea of what mark you plan to use, but wonder how it can be worth investing time and money in a mark for a product or service that may not succeed... more often than not, protecting and securing that mark is an integral part of being able to communicate the value of the product or service you are launching. Your target audience can identify with a mark and a brand quite easily, but not necessarily with nuance and complexity of your offering without the trademark delivery vehicle-the mark can bear the complex nuanced message and identity in its simplicity. Think about what "GE" really means and represents.

A mark embodies the idea of what you want your target audience to understand. The mark is your flag. Whether your business is the equivalent of a fledgling nation or an established world leader, the identification-the good will-can develop and change over time and your audience will perceive and understand those changes through your mark.

Prepare your banners before entering the field of competition. Consider the products you want to sell, the service you want to provide, and the mark you can use to identify and communicate your message.

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